My Personal Guide – How to migrate to a new iPhone 4S – even if you have a new PC and no iTunes backup

Migrating from an old to a new iPhone is a piece of cake, right?

Not if you have a new PC at the same time, or you just never bothered to sync your old iPhone to your new PC before.

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Game of the Week / Impressions: Fruit Ninja Kinect

I have been a huge fan of Fruit Ninja for iOS and I have an XBox 360 and played around with Kinect for a bit (and other types of motion control). Naturally I was very exited when Fruit Ninja was announced for Kinect.

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Anniversary: One Year of Martin’sSciFi Blog

Exactly one year ago I started this blog and wrote the first post. This is the 70th post and while in the beginning I posted more, things seem to be settling down at about two to three post per months. I hope you have as much fun reading as I have writing it.

Thank you for reading!
And don’t forget: Winter is coming.

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We’ve come a long way: Star Trek’s 45th anniversary

A couple of weeks ago Star Trek celebrates its 45th anniversary. Thinking about Star Trek and the world we live in today, there are two things that strike me.

  1. Lots of the technology and gadgets we saw in Star Trek where invented and we use them today: tablet computers, communicators…
    Check out this article at Mashable and especially for PADD / iPad this article at ars technica.
  2. This is no longer the Star Trek I was looking for (it actually hasn’t been for a while)

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RIP Palm – One Down One More To Go?

HP has decided to basically kill WebOS. See this Ars Technica article.

This is sad from a historical perspective as Palm was one of the pioneers of PDAs and smartphones. In fact my first three PDAs were Palms: A Palm Pilot Professional, a Palm IIIc (see picture, left) and a Sony Produced Clié (see picture, right).
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App of the Week / Game of the Week: Mega Mall Story

I had written about the first game from Japanese developer Kairosoft to be released on iOS back in January and I really liked ‘Game Dev Story’.

After that Kairosoft released ‘Hot Springs Story’ (which I think was a nice game but not as great as ‘Game Dev Story’) and ‘Pocket Academy’ (which I enjoyed immensely but never found time to blog about).
I have become a huge fan of Kairosoft and always look forward to new releases.
Last week ‘Mega Mall Story’ was released and I immediately bought it.

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Three Updates: TWiT Photo & alternative iOS Browsers

‘Mostly Photo’ (see previous post) is now called ‘TWiT Photo‘. The show is now hosted by  professional photographer Catherine Hall together with Leo Laporte. Lisa Bettany left the show. Check out TWiT Photo, it’s still highly recommended.

The two alternative Browsers (Mercury & Terra) for iOS got significant updates since I blogged about them originally.

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App of the Week: Zite

In a way Zite is very similar to Flipboard (a previous App of the Week). You tell Zite what you like and you will get your own customised ‘magazine’ (from internet contend). Continue reading

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Quick Review: Salt

I’ve recently watched ‘Salt‘ on Blue-ray. It’s a thriller about Russian sleeper agents from the cold war waiting to strike in the US. The main protagonist is Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) a CIA agent who is accused of being a sleeper agent.

‘Salt’ feels very much like a James Bond movie; a darker, less gadgety Bond movie with a female quasi Bond (Jolie). Not realistic at all, but very entertaining and well made. The difference is that Salt is much better than most recent Bond movies.

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New Gadgets, new gdgt (I have written about it before and I use it on this blog) has been redesigned. It looks very nice and fresh now. Check it out.

I have updated my gadget list and added a couple of things – have a look.

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